The Fragrance Of Memories

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"Szintra's debut, The Fragrance Of Memories, features a dark and melancholic soundscape that draws the listener into her world and keeps them hooked till the very end."
Cover of The Fragrance of Memories from Szintra

The Fragrance of Memories

Debut Album 2020

The Fragrance of Memories

Szintra's debut album is a collection of memories from a world inhabited by knights, wizards, and fairies. A world where magic is real and the feats of a single one can change the fate of many.
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The cover for Szintra's first single Prayer for a Child

Prayer for a Child

Single 2020

Prayer for a Child

Szintra's first single channels the prayer of a medieval mother-to-be from a small mountain village. Hope, gratitude, sorrow, and desperation weave the fabric of this plea to a god we know nothing about.
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About Szintra

Szintra is a Hungarian neo-classical composer based in Salzburg/Austria. Music came natural to her as both of her grandparents from mother’s side were classical musicians and music was all around her during childhood.

She moved to Austria to study Flute at the Mozarteum university and fell in love with the city. After playing classical, jazz or even flute beatbox concerts for many years, she started to produce music for theatre and film. In 2020 she released her debut album “The Fragrance Of Memories”, which is a genre-bending experience between neo-classical, folk and new age.

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